Den amerikanske senatoren Elizabeth Warren seier her at finansnæringa med TiSA prøver å få til ting i det stille gjennom handelsavtalar som det ville vere uråd å få til “med lysa på” og med folk vitne til det…

According to U.S. Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, there are “growing murmurs” about the financial industry’s efforts to “do quietly through trade agreements what they can’t get done in public view with the lights on and people watching.”

In letter published in May, Peter Allgeier, a former U.S. Trade Representative and now president of the Coalition of Services Industries , said that trade rules require that regulations are “least trade and investment distorting” and do not constitute a “disguised barrier to trade.”

Meanwhile, WTO members not participating in the TISA talks have criticized the initiative as undermining the multilateral approach of the WTO. Brazil, China, and India have been vocal opponents of TISA.